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About the company

The company DAKO-CZ, a.s. is a leading manufacturer of pneumatic, electromechanical and hydraulic brake systems for rail vehicles with more than a 205-year tradition. With a planned annual turnover of around 61 million euro, 77% of which is based on foreign orders, the company is based in Třemošnice in East Bohemia. The owner of the company is the CZECHOSLOVAK  GROUP, a.s. 

Manufacturer and supplier of brake systems and components

The company DAKO-CZ supplies brake systems and components for freight and passenger vehicles, suburban units, locomotives, metro cars and trams. Rail vehicles with the DAKO brakes and components can be seen not only in Europe, but also in China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia or Algeria, where the company cooperates with global rail vehicle manufacturers and rail operators. The DAKO customers include: Siemens Mobility GmbH, Stadler Rail Gruppe, Tatravagónka Poprad  a.s., Škoda Transportation a.s., MODERTRANS POZNAŃ Sp. z o.o., Železniční společnost Cargo Slovakia, a.s., CZ Loko, a.s. and more

The company has its own development department, a modern test laboratory and a construction workplace. The reliability of the design of brake systems and components is supported by the ownership of 14 patents and 11 utility models that comply with the applicable standards and regulations of UIC and TSI.

  • Number of employees: 600
  • Year of foundation: 1816

Our vision and mission

To be a globally successful and long-term manufacturer of brake systems and components for rail vehicles, offering the latest technology, top quality and flexibility in response to customer needs in the sector.

The mission of the company DAKO-CZ

To operate on the global market with braking systems for rail vehicles on a long-term basis and, at the same time, to preserve the ability to enter other markets with high value-added engineering products. We consider our own research and development, high-technology investments to be necessary to remain competitive, as well as the employment of top engineers and skilled workers to whom we provide job safety with a stable and fair employer, and also maintaining and developing relationships with our customers, including world manufacturers of rail vehicles for railways and rail systems for public transport (trams and metro cars). Also as a global company, we respect and build relationships with the region where we are based and its local government. We always act to make our business sustainable.

DAKO-CZ, the right choice

  • one of the world’s leading manufacturers of brake systems and components for rail vehicles;
  • more than 205 years of experience;
  • member of the group CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP;
  • a reliable supplier for global rail vehicle manufacturers and rail operators;
  • high production capacity;
  • expert and professional staff;
  • individual technical solutions (tailor-made for the client);
  • financial stability

Our shareholder


  • a strong holding company building on the best tradition of Czechoslovak industry;
  • supports the development of new and traditional Czech and Slovak companies engaged in defense and civil industrial production and trade, including development-intensive high-tech fields;
  • the group is divided according to the focus of individual companies into divisions Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Rail. The fifth division of Business Projects consists of companies in which the group feels strong potential or represents an interesting business opportunity. The group significantly supports trade and business;
  • some of the Group’s companies are major suppliers of technology and services to the home security sector;
  • the business of CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP is widely diversified, largely based on long-term contracts with major global companies and the public sector;
  • CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP companies as well as joint and associated companies in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other European countries have over 8,200 employees;
  • consolidated revenue of CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP in 2021 reached CZK 14.4 billion and EBITDA of CZK 2.73 billion. Net profit reached CZK 1.3 billion and increased by 44 percent year on year;
  • Most CSG production is exported.

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