ZVKV in the company DAKO-CZ

On Friday, October 27, 2023, our company was visited by the RAILROAD VEHICLE OWNERS’ ASSOCIATION  (ZVKV) from Slovakia. The group, which included almost fifty participants, was led by the president of the association, Mrs. Katarína Magdechová. The aim of this important visit was to present the participants our company, production facility and technologies. For representatives from Cargo Wagon, ČD Cargo Slovakia, Duslo, Lokotrans Slovakia, RTI, Slownaft, U.S. Steel Košice, ZSSK Cargo Slovakia, Želos and ŽOS Trnava and others, we have prepared a lecture in the field of freight brake, which we further supplemented with a guided tour of the production site. Operators and repairers thus had a unique opportunity to see the operation of DAKO-CZ. We greatly appreciate the guests’ interest and look forward to further cooperation!